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Tcl for cygwin

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4 May Cygwin currently includes Tcl, Tk, and some other Tcl packages. There is also a collection of cygports scripts that automate the. 22 Nov Building Tcl and Tk with Cygwin can be approached from various angles. Cygport Script, Cygwin Host, Cygwin Target edit. One way to build Tcl. 5 Aug The Tcl/Tk that comes with Cygwin is configured to use Windows graphics, and is therefore not compatible with all of the graphical interfaces in.

5 Aug The Tcl/Tk "wish" program is available as part of the Cygwin package. Versions of Cygwin since have Tcl/Tk compiled using X It's reportedly possible to build Tcl with CYGWIN, but I haven't tried that. [ Update: Don Porter points out that the binary distribution self-installer has an option to. echo puts hello > rikiteam.com; tclsh rikiteam.com Possible reason: TCLSH under CYGWIN does not resolve windows PATH's properly, and cannot find.

27 Apr I discovered that I have to be very > particular about how I provide paths to the tcl script. Obviously, I have > to change "wish" to "cygtclwish80". 7 Jul Powerpoint ICT Automatisering. 3. ▫ What is Cygwin. ▫ Build environment. ▫ Cygwin support for Tcl/Tk. ▫ Stubs. ▫ Event loop. ▫ Conclusion. See figure: Figure 7: Running TCL script in cygwin command shell from publication: PERFORMANCE METRIC COMPARISON OF AODV AND DSDV ROUTING. Expect and SSH in Cygwin - The Tcl programming language - Tcl/ Tcl/Tk, and Expect ; forum discussion. 18 Jan Please any1 help me with how to execute a tcl script in cygwin ..i am entering $ tclsh the command is not rikiteam.com pressing enter i is.

Download and install TCL You can get Tcl for Cygwin at http://prdownloads rikiteam.com Extract this to the Cygwin root directory. There is a known issue with Windows and Cygwin that overrides anything in Tcl syntax checking support seems to have been dropped in Komodo Edit 4 Jul [CMake] Include path Tcl under Cygwin problem that occurs under Cygwin: >> The FindTcl module returns the path for the include files >> as. I was just starting to try to do some playing with TCL, and ran into an interesting problem. If you're running bash through Cygwin: A) Trying to.